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As the days became weeks and the weeks turned into months, they showed people that together they could rise from the ashes and with their mutual strength could chart a path and emerged from a battle with a new normal. It was through this healing that these two brothers formed a bond that sincerely lends truth to the mantra, together we are “Twice As Strong.”

But that wasn’t enough, and they didn’t stop there, so in 2014 they formed along with their mom Liz; a nonprofit charity called A Leg Forever Foundation. The ALF mission is simple, “Pay it Forward.” Pay it forward by helping to empower other folks affected by an unfortunate tragedy and limb loss. Their motto, “Making A Difference In The Lives of Amputees”.

Twice As Strong Hockey in partnership with Lighthouse Cape Cod are kicking off the Together We Are Twice As Strong - " Making A Difference" Hockey Head Wear Fundraiser. This is an endeavor dear to my heart and I am trying to reach out to as many hockey families and fans as well as the entire hockey community to include across this great nation.

For the next thirty days, August 1st through September 1, 2020 we will be offering you the opportunity to purchase your Pacific 110-C gray heather - white mesh or the Hockey Mom's hockey head wear. These hockey caps are truly a fashionable choice that will complete your collection. It's a high-class feel that we believe you will love. All purchases include free shipping anywhere in the United States.

Cost $25.00 $30.00 Logo Design

But more importantly, with your purchase of this well designed and sporty cap, a 100% of the profits will go directly to the A LEG FOREVER FOUNDATION, that's right 100%. Will you help us so these two young men can continue with their mission of helping others by empowering other survivors or victims affected by a horrific limb loss. Those of us know that the hockey community is family based and helping each other comes naturally. Please support this endeavor and help make a difference. Our desired goal is to present a check for as much as possible to the ALF Foundation on September 11, 2020.

We extend our sincerest appreciation and gratitude to all of you who supports “Making A Difference.” Would you please share this campaign with all your friends and families?

Please visit the fundraising page and support this great cause.

Once again thank you for all that you do!

Team Strong-

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