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Spring = Off-Season Hockey at it's Finest!

OUR HISTORY: Twice As Strong Hockey emerged as a beacon of resilience and unity in the wake of the tragic Boston Marathon bombings on April 15, 2013. Two brothers from a small town just north of Boston Massachusetts, each losing a leg that fateful day, epitomized the spirit of overcoming adversity together, earning the moniker "Twice As Strong." Their journey of resilience and determination inspired the formation of the team, aptly named Twice As Strong or simply the Strong.

In a poignant tribute to their miraculous survival, the team adopted the uniform of the 1980 "Miracle on Ice" squad, with a unique front logo symbolizing their remarkable journey. This uniform choice served as a reminder of the brothers' incredible strength and their shared journey toward recovery and resilience.

Mirroring the spirit of the 1980 Miracle on Ice team, the Strong adopted the same player numbers, with one exception: number 27 held special significance. One of the brothers always wore this number, as it was his favorite sport player's number before the tragedy struck. Passersby would often recognize him wearing the number 27 and shout out "Boston Strong" in support of their in creditable strength and determination. This number, number 27 became emblematic of their journey and resilience.

The Strong's inaugural season in 2013-2014 culminated in a remarkable championship victory, with the MVP proudly sporting the number 27 jersey. This jersey was later retired, awaiting the next generation of players to earn the honor.  In 2015, the team logo was updated to include the text "Twice as Strong Hockey" and fifteen stars, symbolizing the date of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Always seeking players who prioritize character over talent, those who embody responsibility and share ownership, and are willing to leave the jersey in a better place, the Strong enter their 11th season this Spring, as a testament to resilience and determination. Like the two brothers who inspired their creation, the Strong forge ahead with unwavering strength and unity, making no apologies for setting high standards, and inspiring all those who witness their journey.

As testament to the team's impact, a parent review shares, "Twice as Strong is an amazing spring team like no other. My son just graduated and finished his final year with TAS. He played all through middle and high school. He looked forward to spring hockey every year. The coaching staff is top notch, this team is extremely organized and it’s all about teaching and training the kids! My son has learned a lot and made great friends. I honestly can’t say enough about it!"

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