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2021 Spring Registration is Now Open!

There are two ways to audition for the 2021 team STRONG Spring Hockey Player Development Program. Visit

1. Want to meet us: We will be holding our in-person tryouts on March 16th and 17th in Everett Massachusetts.

Spots are limited, so claim yours now!

2. Unable to make it to the March 16th or 17th In-Person Tryouts: No problem, Twice as Strong Hockey is accepting Video Auditions over the next few weeks.

It could not be any easier; just sign into your assigned TAS account and submit your two minute audition video. Our Video Audition is a new experience allowing players that are unable to attend our in-person tryouts the opportunity to showcase themselves to our coaches and still be considered for a roster spot. A win win situation for you. Players under the age of 18 must have a parent submit your video on your behalf to be eligible.

TAS Hockey will always recommend that all players attend our In-Person Tryouts, but also urge you to upload your two minute player video.

Please note: Although players attending in-person tryouts are not required to provide a video, our coaches can view you right away and you can claim your spot.

The tryout fee for all levels is $40 (1 Audition per player - non-refundable). This fee allows you access to both the March in-person tryout and a video audition upload if you choose to do so.

For more information regarding tryouts, video upload, and web access please fill out player form at or call TAS Hockey at 781-835-0092.

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