Twice As Strong Player Development Camp

As a result of the April 15, 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings and two brothers who were tragically injured that day, the Twice As Strong Hockey Program was born. These two brothers from a small town outside of Boston, Massachusetts, both lost a leg but never lost their positive attitude or determination.

They were two brothers who chose never to look back, and together they were Twice As Strong. After taking the ice for the very first time on Saturday May 31, 2014, Twice As Strong Hockey won their first championship that season and have not looked back.


This February 20223 Twice As Strong Hockey is inviting skaters to come to Stoneham Arena and learn about the Twice As strong Hockey Player Development Program. Enjoy a TAS Hockey Meet and Greet Free Skate. 

This free event is for all skaters from U10 - U18. This special event is to provide players and parents an opportunity to meet other players and  ask questions about our TAS 10 week Off-Season Hockey Camp.

This event will also allow parents to meet and chat with other player parents; ask questions, compare notes, and why we feel we are second to none. An announcement will be made regarding the February date, and time. To stay connected and up todate for this event; complete the 

Please note: Space is limited- all skaters are required to wear full equipment and to pre-register in order to secure a spot.

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Most player's are excited about the game, but we get excited about the training sessions; that’s our classroom-

Twice As Strong Hockey is once again please to announce our 2023 Off-Season Hockey Player Development Camp. For information regarding your players specific age group, rink location, and additional camp information; please contact Mike Brown at mbrown@twiceasstronghockey.com or call 781-835-0922.


All age eligible players are invited to attend a Twice As Strong Player Development Camp held each spring. This ten week camp offers weekly on ice training sessions and games allowing players to improve and develop their skills. All our players have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in weekly coached league games. 

The Twice As Strong Hockey Player Development Camp is a place to train, compete, and develop skills with other players of all levels from various communities throughout the state. TAS Hockey makes no apoloies for setting high standards. 
Best of all, its an environment where you can "Discover The Champion In You."

This spring train with us and "Make your third period
TWICE AS STRONG as your first."

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2022 U18 TAS Head Coach

Matthew Brown

Record 6 - 4 - 2

2021 U18 TAS Head Coach

Scott Tamagana

Record 7 - 3 - 0

2020 U14 Head Coach Rob Wright

2020 U18 Head Coach James Cerrato

Twice As Strong Hockey in the best interest of all, immediately canceled our tryouts schedule for Wednesday March 11, 2020. Applying all the protocols recommended by the state and CDC; on Monday June 22, 2020. TAS Hockey, "Return to the Ice Skills Clinic" took to the ice with the objective to return players safely back on to the ice .


2019 U14 TAS Head Coach

Robbie Wright

Record 6 - 4 - 2


2019 U18 TAS Blue Head Coach

 Scott Tamagna

Record 4 - 6 - 0


 U18 TAS White Head Coach 

Craig Richards

Record 6 - 4 - 2

2018 U14 TAS Head Coach 

Robbie Wright

Record 9 - 1 - 1

2018 U18 TAS Head Coach 

Rollie Buoncuore

Record 5 - 5 - 2


U14 TAS Head Coach 

John LaPiana

Record 10- 1 - 0

2016  U12 TAS Head Coach 

John LaPiana

Record 5 - 4 - 2

2015 U12 TAS Head Coach 

David O'Brien

Bill Keefe

Record 4 - 6 - 1


U18 TAS Head Coach

 Scott Tamagna

Record 6 - 1 - 1

2022 Division Top 10 Leading Scorers

Richard Gaskin          5-G  5-A TAS

Domenic Mustone     3-G  6-A  TAS

Domenic Capezzuto  5-G  2-A  TAS

2021 Division Top 10 Leading Scorers

Maxwell Brown        10-G  5-A  TAS

Richard Gaskin            6-G  3-A TAS


2014 PLAYOFF MVPS:  Jonah Hadley and

Bryan Jackson, Twice As Strong Hockey

2014 - OUR HISTORY - 2022
2014 - VHL CHAMPIONS​​ -  2017
All In - Explore - Dream - Discover The Champion In You !
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