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To All Our Player, Parents, and Fans:

On behalf of TAS Hockey I would like to wish everyone very Happy New Year! I still cannot believe that 2020 is here. TAS Hockey is truly blessed to have players, parents, and fan like you. We want to thank everyone for making 2019 a successful season.

" I also want to thank all the parents who have taken the time to share their players winter accomplishments..."

A year when the first 2 digits match the second two digits only comes once in a century and that makes for the start of a special and exciting new year. 2020 promises to be another very exciting season for the Strong and its our hopes that you are once again part of it.

We are excited to start a new girls high school program this season and want to let everyone know all our team’s auditions will be held towards the end of February or the beginning of March of 2020. The date and time will be announced over the next couple of weeks; we will keep you in the loop. Space fills up quickly, so if your player is planning on returning or you know someone thinking about attending please fill out the player inquiry form located on the home page and it will keep you in the TAS Player Information loop.

I also want to thank all the parents who have taken the time to share their players winter accomplishments; we are so proud of them.

Their hard work speaks volumes and we are extremely proud to share your players success, so please continue to send us your child’s accomplishments no matter how big or small you may believe they are; there is a price to pay for accomplishments and it starts with hard work. Keep those emails and stories coming and I promise to do my best at sharing your players journey.

Once again, wishing everyone a Happy and Safe New Year and hope to see you at a rink!

Best, Mike-

Go Strong!

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